Shipping Policy

Each products ship with different time frames due to the location and nature of each product, these times are estimates based on location of sale and the location of the product. 

Typically our products take 1- 2 weeks to deliver, however this can change.

Products that are located inside your country of purchase, will typically take 1-3 days to ship typically.


Shipping Cost

Shipping Time

Australia $10 USD 1-3 days
United States $10 USD 1-2 weeks
United Kingdom $10 USD 1-2 weeks
Canada $10 USD 1-2 weeks try our best to meet or exceed delivery times, however there may be delays, especially during busy periods (black friday, Christmas). There might also be factors such has postal, delivery partner delays, traffic delays, logistics, weather or if access to the delivery address is unavailable. 

If you have any questions or want to talk to someone please contact the customer service team through our phone number or email and we will be happy to update you with your order delivery or status. 

Order Tracking

Your order can be tracked with the following link

Order Tracking